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It is a Good Thing to Have a Personality?

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Everyone will tell you that it is important to have a personality, many, that it is of the most importance, a large part of psychology is based around it, hundreds of books talk about how to feed it correctly to feel happy with yourself, on the subject of relationships with people, smart people will tell you that this is what attracts them, in the end, the stronger your personality is, the more value they will give you as a person…​ But if you ask someone smart about their preferences about something, they will give you remarkable and intelligent answers, elaborated with a base and a correct result, while if you ask a wise person, even if his answers are correct he will not show any preference, why is that?

"Why" do we have to have a personality? a way of being, a style, an "I am"…​ a definition, a label, personality is what defines us, the job of therapists is to heal you when you are not well (and they will know better about this than me). But what is really important in the life of each one? is having a personality? it seems to me that the only important thing is the learned knowledge that builds the abilities that each one has for doing things unlike other ones.

The fact of having tastes is somewhat discriminatory, when you say "my favorite color is blue" you downplay the other colors, instead of being able to fully enjoy them when they are presented to you. When you say "I don’t like cheese" it is as if you have to defend that idea that makes you "who you are" forever, maybe the following year you feel like it, but you feel held back from accepting that idea because that would be going against your personality, the same happens with everything, football teams, musical styles, circles of friends and their fashions, radical thoughts and exclusivism that appear a lot in activity groups…​ all of this is what forms your personality and is necessary to have a correct personal value and good self-esteem, and if it is not properly nourished then one feels sad, insufficient, depressed and undervalued, translating into limited behavior and lack of capabilities.

We live constantly worried about our image, about how we see ourselves and how we are seen, about being worthy and deserving, exemplary or better than others, many people feel sad when they find themselves alone in life, needing to have a profile of a person to loving, when it can bring much more happiness to love everything that exists without self-limitation.

On the other hand, not having a personality allows you to enjoy anything, all the flavors, activities, professions, knowledge, companies, tastes, arts…​ of a sport that you neither know nor is "your" team, it allows you to be any person you want to be at any time in your life, whereas otherwise you would just say "I’m not like that".

As long as you have a personality you will always have a defined level over things, if you were once an important person you will not know how to be happy having less, and in the same way, you will see yourself limited and insecure when you are presented with great opportunities that you are not used to handling, feeling unfit for it.

On the other hand, psychologists and especially spiritual people will tell you that the Ego is the most harmful thing there is, it is the cause of aberrant and destructive behaviors, but is there a difference between "ego" and "personality"?

It is true that we have to have our healthy personality, which creates personal value and self-esteem. But is it necessary to have it? maybe even harmful? Accepting to live without personality may be the most difficult and hard thing that can exist for any person, surely most cannot even conceive of that idea.

Now, perhaps there is a belief that not having a personality also eliminates the ethical values and principles of each one, but we must remember that selfishness is created from scarcity, evil in people exists because of their beliefs and not because they are bad, and fear is created by the idea of need.

How much benefit and disbenefit does it cause us to have a personality? What are the unlimited possibilities that conceives us not having it? Why do we cling to beliefs of "I am like this" and that we cannot change or that goes against us? when we all are the same humans, with the same arms and legs and capabilities as the rest? Our way of thinking is based on nothing more than our simple state of mind, intentions, and desires, there is a huge difference between thinking that it is possible and that it is not possible, having the same capacities, nothing differentiates us from the rest of the people except our way of thinking and seeing things.

When you eliminate the personality, which provides a way of being, you eliminate some beliefs to respect, some possessions to preserve, and a pride to defend, total liberation is given way, things stop being done with an intention, you lose the need for everything, fear is lost, concern is lost for the rejection that makes us defend our image before others, or wanting to make someone jealous that is a need for appreciation by the other person, when you eliminate the personality you act without caring how do you look, and a long etc.

And when all that does not exist, everything you do becomes pure selfless acts, a completely benevolent behavior is given way, nothing can harm you because just like with the ego, there is no personality to protect, a door opens to indestructible happiness which is is not created from pre-stablished conditions, but from a pure and natural state of the existence.

Not having something valuable can mean sadness or it can mean a lack of concern to maintain it.

How many would dare to stop being who they are?

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